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What is Zoey working on?

Zoey Duncan is a freelance writer and editor in Calgary, Alberta. Her writing has been called “edgy” and has been nominated for three Canadian community newspaper awards, but she tries not to blush too much.

As an editor and writing coach, Zoey likes working with clients who understand the benefits of multiple drafts, who thrive on feedback and are committed to creating the best possible experience for their readers. Her focus as an editor these days is on non-fiction specifically memoir and business-focused manuscripts.

This blog is a space for her to write about writing, try out some jokes and meet other writers. Beyond the craft of writing, topics here have included women in sports, travel, apartment life, and life in Calgary.

Zoey’s freelance career has included projects for CBC (Hyperlocal), Avenue Magazine, Calgary is Awesome, Fast Forward Weekly and several pieces for the Calgary Herald.

Zoey’s first co-authored book, written with Calgary surgeon and professor Dr. Norman Schachar, is The Department: A Surgeon’s Memories… Before I Forget. It was published by ZEDS in June 2015.

Email Zoey: zoey(at)