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CBC’s Hyperlocal project: Dispatches from Sunalta

On foot, in car and rolling on eight wheels, I’ve spent a lot of time over the past six weeks exploring my neighbourhood and finding my place in it.

CBC's Hyperlocal map, zoomed to Calgary. Those green flags are my blog posts about little Sunalta.

CBC’s Hyperlocal map, zoomed to Calgary. Those green flags are my blog posts about little Sunalta.

As a blogger with CBC’s Hyperlocal, my duty was to tell stories of change in my neighbourhood.  In some cases the changes were obvious, like the behemoth that is the Sunalta C-Train station. Others required some outside help to see, such as new and notable businesses settling in. I have a few more Sunalta stories to tell that I’ll share right here, as Hyperlocal wraps up on May 3.

This evening at 5 p.m. MT I’ll be participating in a webchat with the CBC Community Blog about Sunalta, including answering a few questions in my capacity as an unofficial Sunalta tour guide to my friends. You can watch or join in right here.

Here’s a round up of my dispatches from the inner city:

Hip-adjacent in Sunalta

I was lured to move to Sunalta by the promise of a cheap apartment. As a writer, having a cheap place to live is almost as important as having caffeine and wifi. Before moving in, I knew nothing about the neighbourhood other than how to spell it. After I moved in, I needed a Google Map to figure out which community association to complain to about potholes. [Read More…]

Joining in

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

When bumper sticker-writers penned that soppy but stirring phrase, they unwittingly inspired a generation of college students to embark on world-enhancing projects like reusing, recycling and retweeting. #inspiring [Read More…]

My neighbourhood wishlist

I’m reasonably good at complaining, but I’m even better at making unachievable to-do lists. Recently, I’ve combined those two rare skills to write a wish list of neighbourhood amenities.
Inspired partly by my new role as board secretary in the Sunalta Community Association and especially by my locally provoked grumbling, here are the top five items from my list.
[Read More…]

Video: Spring wheels

Intrepid blogger Zoey Duncan doesn’t let a few flurries stop her from strapping on rollerskates and checking out what’s new in her part of town. [Watch the video]

On becoming a destination

You don’t so much get around in Sunalta as you just get through it.

But that’s changing. I’m noticing Sunalta has attracted the sorts of places worth inputting in your GPS. [Read More…]

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