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I’m one of Calgary’s top 100 social media influencers

Well, would you look at that!

Local social media advisor Jay Palter crunched some numbers and came up with a list of the 100 most prominent social influencers in town. As you might guess, Mayor Naheed Nenshi tops the list, and much of the list is made up of local politicians and journalists.

There are also several bloggers (hey @mikesbloggity!), chefs (hey @charcut!), and local celebs (hey @jdavidkelly!). And yours truly!

You can check out Palter’s methodology (he used a social media analytics tool, but didn’t name which one) on his blog post. But I’m more interested in his reasons why lists like this are useful. Paraphrasing Palter:

  • Follow these people and you’ll know what’s up in Calgary;
  • Interact with these people and they might help spread your messages;
  • Build relationships with these people as a stepping-stone to joining the list.

The local Twitter list I would like to see

While a cool way to look at the local Twitter scene, this is a really media-heavy list.

I’ve heard some people complain that the only people who still used Twitter are journalists (and self-professed comedians, maybe). I think a list like Palter’s suggests people are very interested in what journalists have to say.

But I wonder what it would look like if we saw a list without those tweeters whose voices are tied to the mainstream media, myself included. Who is influencing #yyc Twitterscape outside the news agenda? What are they talking about? Why are people interested?

Here’s a sampling of folks on Palter’s list who are a little outside the media sphere (and who aren’t big-name bloggers nor politicians):

What do you think makes people influential online? Here’s a thought from my Twitter pal Aaron:

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