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I’m the East Village Resident Ambassador! So… what is that?

For three months, I’ve been on a campaign to become East Village’s Resident Ambassador. It’s meant blog posts and tweets and even some YouTubeing to show off my social media storytelling skills.

This past Monday at work, I saw the number of unread emails tick up and took a deep breath before clicking to the Gmail tab, like I’d done a dozen times already that morning. But this time there it was: An email with the subject “Resident Ambassador position.” My stomach clenched, I read it, read it again, and walked out of the newsroom to keep from spilling the news in a room full of Twitterers.

Hours later, I started to catch my breath.

Later in the week, a friend said to me, “I’ve been reading and liking your stuff but I really have no idea what you’ve won.”

Fair enough. Not everybody read and re-read the job posting a dozen times in the past three months.

Basically: As East Village resident ambassador, I’ll be telling everyone in different mediums what it’s like to live in a newly redeveloping neighbourhood in Calgary’s inner city.

It’s a year-long part-time position with unique compensation: living rent-free in two new condos (6 months each) that will also be home to a major population influx to East Village. The position is also paid like a typical job (which impressed me from the start, because often work on the internet isn’t treated or compensated like the rest of the workforce), and there are other thoughtful included perks like Car2Go minutes. I’m doing my best to keep exclamation marks to a minimum but believe me: we are excited ’round here!

Here’s an excerpt from the original job posting:

Our perfect candidate is a passionate, community-minded, socially aware, culturally conscious, urban contributor who is excited to experience life in East Village and tell the world about it. In your role as EV Resident Ambassador, you’ll be required to contribute monthly content to the EV Experience blog detailing your experience in the community. You are proficient in creating meaningful, timely and relevant online conversations, and we promise you’ll have lots to talk about – over the course of 12 months, you’ll experience, document and communicate some of the community’s most anticipated milestones.

I’ll have more to show and tell in the coming weeks as the final touches are put on our new home (literally. Building inspections happen this month). Stay tuned here and on Twitter and Instagram (and maybe even Periscope) for the latest!

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