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A compelling argument to choose Zoey Duncan to be East Village Resident Ambassador

Calgary’s East Village is a neighbourhood on the banks of the Bow River, steps from downtown and made of the most mouldable hunk of putty basically anywhere in North America today.

I call it mouldable because East Village is a new community rising in the heart of an established, energetic city. It’s near parks people already love (hey, Prince’s Island!), transportation options for all seasons and reason (hey, RiverWalk, Calgary Transit, cycle track and all those roads!), and local businesses and BRZs part of the fabric of Calgary (too many to name, but Chinatown, Bridgeland, Inglewood and Kensington begin to scratch the surface).

But there’s also a newness. New opportunity for new homes, new businesses, new neighbours to live.

With all this newness, East Village needs an ambassador to the rest of Calgary and the world. The team behind East Village is hiring a Resident Ambassador to “live the East Village life” for a year in a rent-free condo while telling stories. It’s got to be someone who is passionate, community-minded and can write with genuine excitement what it’s like to live in Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood in its newest moment. I’m striving to be that Ambassador.

Allow my application video to explain for 30 seconds:

What you can do: Help me in my pursuit of the ambassadorship by watching my video and sharing it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Check out the #EVliving hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see what me and the other contenders are up to. Also helpful: RT or respond to my #EVliving tweets that pique your interest.

Why Zoey would make a heck of a Resident Ambassador for East Village

OK, that was the “show, don’t tell” version of why I would make an engaging and self-proclaimed entertaining Resident Ambassador. For the studious, my footnotes are thus:

  • I’m a journalist specializing in mobile storytelling for a new generation of news consumers (think: engaging local stories, well-told in a smartly consumable format).
  • I served on my Sunalta community association board executive where, in addition to my duties as secretary, I helped make the community more visible online in social media during a time of collaboration with our neighbours. (I now serve as a director on a different board, where there’s somewhat more body checking).
  • I’m a firm believer that everything (job interviews, emailing landlord about that leak, online dating) can be done with a bit of wit. Smart humour is one of my greatest assets as a storyteller. I got to write a book because of my humour judo. True fact: Being funny makes your audience more likely to listen and remember what you said.
  • I really did write 1,000 blog posts one year. It was the year I worked for OpenFile Calgary covering hyperlocal news and a year in which I established myself as a voice in Calgary. Or at least I used the #yyc hashtag a lot.
  • My live-tweeting of local news and events in the past six year since I first joined Twitter is just one of the reasons I have a dedicated, locally concentrated following. I like to think my sense of humour and reliable puns are another reason, but I’m still waiting on that data.

All this to say, I know I’m well-equipped to help East Village tell their story and collaborate in writing the next chapter in Calgary’s “newest, oldest, coolest, warmest” neighbourhood. This isn’t the last you’ll see of me chatting about East Village-type things here at Zoey Writes. The EV folks are eager to see how their candidates already have an “EV-worthy lifestyle.” I’ll have a new blog post every week through the end of June to share that with you. Subscribe to Zoey Writes or bookmark so you don’t miss a beat.

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