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We spent all our grocery money and now we’re out of coffee

We’ve done a great job of spending all our grocery money every week of the magic jar experiment (we’re in Week 3). Routinely, we just pluck a few bucks from our “Entertainment” jar when “Grocery” runs dry. This works because we planned for a lot of money to be spent on Entertainment. I guess we imagine ourselves as big partiers.

This week we spent all the grocery bucks in one go at Co-Op. I blame this partly on shopping right before dinner (I bought pizza pops and a bottle of Yop), but also we were victims of not shopping the sales as well as we could have. For example we bought frozen lunches that often go on sale for 50% off at full price of $4 each. Very budget unfriendly.

But another big hit to our food budget were the non-edibles like toilet paper and kitty litter. (Our cat likes both).

We need to plan ahead for those larger expenditures by socking away a little grocery money each week instead of spending it all. Alternatively, we could adjust our grocery budget and entertainment budgets so they better reflect where our money is going. Once the month is through we’ll see about that.

Overall though, the experiment is going well. I’ve reigned in my spending, which was necessary post-Christmas, and we’re more thoughtful about where our dollars are going when we leave the house. Being self-employed means I can adjust my schedule to hit Happy Hour for cheap tacos, which I think is very smart budgeting.

If only we had some coffee…

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