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New year, new blog design

I call this place Zoey Writes, but I can get a little caught up in the pieces adjacent to writing. Acknowledging my weakness for shiny objects, I’ve converted to a new blog theme that puts emphasis on the words by getting rid of the clutter/extra stuff in the way of widgets and menus.

It’s a bit like cleaning my desk in the hopes that it makes me more productive. Normally, I’d admit that cleaning the desk is in fact a sly way to avoid doing the work I should be doing at my desk. But this time I think it’s warranted. This woman needs elbow room!

In support of this metaphor, I’ve included a picture of my current home-workspace. It is catcher of all things clutter, but it’s big enough that even with the clutter, I can set up shop with my giant MacBook.

Proof of that is in the changing colour labels in my in-progress Scrivener document:

The colours represent the editing state of various chapters. Neon yellow, here I come!

The colours represent the editing state of various chapters. Neon Yellow, here I come!

I Purpled a lot today. There’s still hope that I’ll Neon-Yellow before the sun sets. No guarantees.

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I am a writer living under a pile of scrap paper and unopened fan mail from the cable company. I believe a messy desk is simply a sign of inspiration waiting to be uncovered. But I’m biased. More from me on Twitter: @zoeywrites

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