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Giving journalism students a taste of what’s to come (maybe)

I found an effective way to leap* out of bed this morning. I was invited to speak to an Online Journalism class at Mount Royal University to give my take on what skills and tools budding journalists ought to focus on as they enter the workforce, plus share my career path so far (it’s been a windy one, for someone three years out of school).

The class was remarkably attentive for an 8 a.m. class. During my time in j-school, the only 8 a.m. class I recall was History of Media in first year. It was held in an amphitheatre classroom. One of my classmates walked in late to one such class, found himself a seat at the very front and proceeded to fall asleep in front of our prof. That, and the cover of the course textbook I didn’t open often enough, was about all I remember from that course.

Online Journalism is approximately the opposite of History of Media, as far as university courses go. History should give us reverence for the journalists and practices of the past while an online course arms us with tools for the future. I like to think I did my small part in giving some young journalists an idea of what they can do to excel in an online news world.

I got this excellent feedback from the instructor of the Online Journalism class, Ian Tennant:

“It was a treat and a valuable learning experience having Zoey talk to our Online Journalism class at Mount Royal University. She provided up-to-date information and analysis about the always-evolving digital media landscape. She was forthright in her answers to students’ questions and her experience in the online world was extremely beneficial to students facing an uncertain future in media. Zoey is also fun and funny, making the presentation a low-key and enjoyable affair. She is welcome any time.”

—J. Ian Tennant, PhD, MRU Journalism Instructor

*get up without pressing the snooze button

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