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Complete! My NaNoWriMo Day by Day Progress Report

It's all done! Click for a bigger version

It’s all done! Click for a bigger version

Dec. 3 update: The month ended with a sweat-stained brow and gurgling grunt more than a triumphant roar. The first half of the month was pleasantly smooth, which I attribute to my brief bit of planning before NaNoWriMo. But in that planning I neglected to come up with a problem, climax or resolution, so when it cam to the final 12 days, I felt like I was just wandering. It slowed me down (note those zero writing days, whoops…), but I took it as an opportunity to have some fun with longer scenes and willing myself to put more comedy content into it. I was moderately successful there, though it didn’t help the plot much. Many a lesson was learned, and I plan to get into a bit in a later blog post. Stay tuned!

Nov. 17 update: After a relatively slow week, I got back on the horse with a strong showing during today’s writing session. It feels so good to be caught up, but I like to think I could have embraced it if I were stuck behind too. The challenge of sitting down and writing, virtually uninterrupted for an hour or two feels really good. There’s a feeling of accomplishment with me right now. It’s a little braggy, I won’t lie.

I have a number of strings that are undefined in the story at this point, so with less than half the month left, I think I’ll need to take a little time to decide what to do with them. It’s worth giving things a shot, even if they don’t make it into the second draft. It’s a month of experimenting, so why not experiment?

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