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Three steps for coming up with blog post ideas

So, you’ve finally started a blog. You spent hours choosing a WordPress theme, agonized over an About Me page and asked all of your Facebook friends to check it out because you’re definitely going to post every week, not let the blog wither and die like your last seven.

But then it happens. You stop posting because you’ve literally used up all the good ideas you’ve ever had since starting this blog as a New Year’s Resolution.

There are enough abandoned blogs rotting away on the internet that if they were stacked end to end, they would reach the moon.* With a bit of strategic blog planning, you can help your blog live to a ripe old age. Chances are, you’ve got several blog post ideas percolating already, you just needed someone to bring them to your attention.

1. Just like a business, your blog needs a purpose

When it comes to figuring out what to blog about, it’s important that your blog has a purpose. It’s like cake, if it has no purpose, why would you bake it and eat it—actually, that’s a poor simile.

If you’re not sure of the purpose for your blog, answer the following questions:

  • Are you blogging to promote your business, or your personal brand?
  • Is your blog a creative outlet?
  • Are you blogging to inform or to entertain?

Ask yourself, “how I can I promote my personal brand today?” or, “what sort of creativity do I want to showcase?” This should begin to get the idea engine chugging.

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