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Check 2012 off the to-do list

Some words that describe my 2012:

  • Change
  • Unexpected Pleasure
  • No Pants

I spent the first nine months of 2012 employed in a position that didn’t exist when I was an ambitious junior high school student filling out a career aptitude test.  Working from home as a news curator and blogger gave me a bit of the “be-my-own-boss” experience that I craved without the added responsibility of underlings. I learned more about Calgary and about reporting and was lucky enough to have a talented editor who helped me grow as a reporter and a writer. I also learned that working from home leads to a degradation of my fashion sense and to a lot of pajama bottoms worn in place of real pants.

Referring to my joke cards during our May 14, 2012 LOLYYC all-women comedy show.

Referring to my joke cards during our May 14, 2012 LOLYYC all-women comedy show. Not pictured: scotch, rocks.

In that first half of 2012, I continued to teach the skills of stand-up comedy as tools for writing and that lead to my first experience emceeing a comedy show. That meant along with helping our comics learn to write jokes about their lives, I also got to write some jokes at their expense. You know, so I could introduce them in a friendly way. It was terrifying. The scotch helped. Looking back, it was an invaluable lesson in public speaking and in ego. Ego came in specifically when I learned my jokes had to take the backburner to our stars. If emceeing is an art, I’m still at the finger-painting stage.

Jamming for all I'm worth against the Killer Rollbots in September 2012.

Jamming for all I’m worth against the Killer Rollbots in September 2012.

Roller derby rolled into my life hard and fast in 2012. I spent the spring and half the summer learning to stop and go and then go faster on eight wheels alongside a group of unbeatable women. Derby highlights include passing benchmarks after months of training, flying to Vancouver and driving to Red Deer for bootcamps, being drafted by my now-beloved Cut-Throat Car Hops and playing my first game in teal. Derby is a bit of an addiction. But could you really expect anything less when you combine dozens of badass women with an amazing sport?

In my off-skates life, I was laid off a few days before my birthday when OpenFile shut down production. On the bright side, I got my birthday off work and got a free glass of prosecco. On the downside, free drinks are not transferable to building management companies. They prefer rent be paid in Canadian dollars.

But being without a day job has left me to develop other professional opportunities that I otherwise would have pled “too busy” to try out. I’ve stepped up in ZEDS, our family comedy and communications business, helping to develop our social media training and workshops, doing a bit of photography for clients and co-creating our new website.

I got to speak at a Social Media Breakfast along with other members of ZEDS, teaching people some ways to use the skills of stand-up comedy to lighten up their Twitter talk and making some new social media geek friends along the way. And that lead to (among many other things) a speaking gig for the Alberta Students’ Executive Council, where I presented a workshop on injecting humour into professional communications and meetings.

And no day job has also meant I was able to accept an important role in a big new writing project we’re undertaking at ZEDS that I’m incredibly excited about. I’ll have to save the details for a little later in 2013, though. Like wine, cheese or the next episode of 90210, it’ll be worth the wait.

If someone were to make a 2013 calendar based on my expectations for the upcoming year, it would be full of horrible inspirational quotes and positively saccharine word clouds studded with smiling emoticons. For our collective benefit, I’ll put my youthful optimism to the side and merely wish for more unexpected pleasures and more opportunities to wear pants in 2013.

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