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Reason #0001 to use Twitter (beyond pickup lines): Self-promotion

Basically everything at the Hillhurst Sunnyside arts market is gorgeous. #yyc

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Reason #0001* to use Twitter

To learn about awesome and impressive, but quietly advertised things happening around you!

This afternoon, a Twitter contact of mine invited me to check out the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association’s art market, as his t-shirt company was taking part. I’m a sucker for walking around places full of pretty things and hipsters, so naturally, I obliged.

HS_nov30-gift-marketStill, I wasn’t totally sure whether I should expect pom-poms glued to pinecones and lopsided bake sale items or handmade jewelry and local fashion. I relieved to see it was the latter and that the only faux pas in the place was choice to offer styrofoam cups with the free mix-your-own-hot-chocolate table.

I indulged in a sample of passionfruit-dark chocolate truffle and cinnamon almond brittle, found gaudy, tinsel-wrapped earrings for an upcoming ugly sweater party and had to tear myself away from a cosy pile of upcycled-sweater pillows.

While browsing, I spoke with a couple of artist-vendors, and asked them if they’d be at Market Collective later in December. Nope, they said. Hadn’t planned ahead and had only fallen into this market  last-minute. The vendor who sold me the garish Christmas earrings told us they hadn’t sold a thing before that, and there was only 45 minutes left to the 3-hour market. There was a decent crowd about, but despite having similar offerings, the attendance was nothing compared to a monthly Market Collective. During my time there, I’d compare the traffic to a lazy Sunday at the Hillhurst Sunnyside flea market: a meandering handful of window shoppers, rather than copious curious customers. (Vendors may have seen it differently from me, of course.)

What does this have to do with Social Media?

I wish Hilhurst Sunnyside had tweeted about it early on, rather than just today at 11 a.m.

  • Their Twitter account had been silent for 8 weeks before today’s tweet. In relationships, that’s called ghosting and doesn’t get you invited to New Year’s Eve potluck.
  • Don’t leave your Twitter dormant—it’s so easy to create content. (You do it every time you open your mouth, for example. Content is King. Good content is Queen. And we know who really runs the palace.)
    • In the past 2 months, @HillhurstSunny could have been tweeting flea market photos, Instagramming what their community garden looks like in winter or just typing out a reminder or two to come to their antiques sale.

I wish more vendors were advertising their social media profiles at their booths.

  • If I buy something great from you, I’ll feel compelled to Like you on Facebook. I hope you’re there to reel me in for another purchase.
  • If I think your product is really good, but I’m not ready to buy it yet and I can follow you on Twitter—I will do that and you have the potential to be in my stream daily. If you keep showing off your goodies on Twitter, you’ll sell me.
  • If I take your card and find your website sans social media portals, I will perhaps admire it briefly and then forget about you. I’m sorry.

Bottom line: Use Twitter if a) you want to know about great things that are happening and b) you want to tell people about the greatness of you and the events you run.

*It is reason #0001, but not necessarily the No. 1 reason.

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