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I am a Calgary-based writer with a particular affinity for pursuing under-reported issues and telling the stories behind outstanding (or at least appealingly quirky) local personalities.

Currently I am working with ZEDS Comic Communications as communications director, sprinkling humour into clients’ social media strategies and co-facilitating humour workshops in Calgary. Need a laugh? To register for our next event, check us out on Eventbrite.

In 2011-12, I was News Curator for OpenFile Calgary where I spent my days blogging, tweeting and covering local news for a fledgling online news company.

In 2011 I completed my Bachelor of Communication—Journalism degree with a four-month reporting internship in Fort Frances, Ontario. It’s a gorgeous lakeside town you may never have heard of, where actual log rollers once guided thousands of cords of wood to the mill that still operates today.

During my final year of university, I served as the publishing editor of The Reflector, Mount Royal University’s independent, student-run newspaper, leading a talented group of students through eight months of late, pizza-fuelled nights and early, coffee-driven mornings. I resurrected our opinion section, lending my voice to the editorial page and helping curate guest columnists from our community while simultaneously serving as head copy editor, leading story meetings and helping recruit new writers and editors. I was even lucky enough to keep writing stories during that time.

I spent summer 2010 with the Calgary Herald copy editing gurus from whom I learned the Canadian Press Styleguide inside and out and also how to view a newspaper page from every angle, so that nothing, not a stray comma nor widowed syllable, distracts a reader from quality content.

As a news consumer I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter so much where I read my news—online or in print—because as long as it’s great and I can get my hands on it, I’ll keep coming back. As a journalist I take that lesson to heart.

Outside the newsroom, my time goes into blogging, cooking, playing roller derby andteaching the skills of stand-up comedy.

More musings live on my Tumblr.

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I am a writer living under a pile of scrap paper and unopened fan mail from the cable company. I believe a messy desk is simply a sign of inspiration waiting to be uncovered. But I’m biased. More from me on Twitter: @zoeywrites