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Top 5 Signs it may be time to look for work

Since finishing up my contract with OpenFile in September, I’ve been working on the family comedy businessplaying roller derby and generally enjoying sleeping in a little too much. But maybe, maybe, it’s time to look for the Next Big Project for me. Maybe you’re in a similar position and are wondering whether it is time to move into something new. Refer to my top 5 list to help determine if you’re there yet.

Top 5 signs it may be time to look for work

5. Watching Maury is the most intellectual stimulation you get all day.

4. You’re starting to think dumpster diving would be a great way to update your wardrobe.

3. The only time you wear pants with a button is when you pull on the long johns with the bum flap.

2. Your friends treat you to dinner on the condition that you stop referring to people on Twitter as if they’re your coworkers.

And the number 1 sign it may be time to look for work…

1. Your day starts with yoga… And a Caesar.

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I am a writer living under a pile of scrap paper and unopened fan mail from the cable company. I believe a messy desk is simply a sign of inspiration waiting to be uncovered. But I’m biased. More from me on Twitter: @zoeywrites

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