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Ice, ice, baby. (Or, oops I pulled a groin muscle)

When I finally managed to roll myself out of bed this morning, I immediately sent a pity-seeking text to my good friend Kaila. That woman is a goldmine of information, particularly when it comes to making a body function properly.

I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about at least a few things (like what is the most delicious kind of soy milk and how to put together IKEA shelves). But when it comes to sports injuries, my go-to (read: only) solution is to take a salty bath.

What to do when you hurt your groin/How to quit hurting your groin

Better than WebMD.

Thanks to Kaila’s advice, I spent 30 minutes applying a tiny bag of frozen peas, carrots and green beans to my agonized Adductor Longus. That made it possible to walk somewhat naturally.

From this hobbling experience, I have learned that spending an hour running/walking around the Bow River Pathway (yesterday’s afternoon merrymaking) may seem fun at the time, but it’s actually a terrible idea if you fail to stretch properly before and after.

I also had a roller derby practice last night. I’m thankful now that it was a shortened practice, because it probably would have just wreaked more havoc on my already terribly shocked muscles.

While it’s probably a good idea to add some running to my routine, I think I’ll be taking it a whole lot easier next time. I’m going to have to sit out today’s practice (or else risk making this painful situation worse), and I’ve been dying to get on my skates all week. Alas, this is better in the long term, I think.

Bottom line: If you don’t want to pull a groin muscle: stretch properly before and after your workout, don’t overdo it without training your body to take that kind of workout. If you already pulled your groin, then ice it, baby, and let it rest before putting it to work again.

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